From Modern Presidency to Providing Presidential Protection

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Major Aaron Rittgers '03 speaks to Air Force ROTC cadets.

By Kim Brown, Assistant Director for Alumni Programs As a student at Syracuse University, Aaron Rittgers always looked forward to Modern Presidency class with Professor Margaret Susan Thompson. Little did he know that ten years later, he’d have a job that would give him a front row seat to the President of the United States, the... Read more

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A Syracuse Success Story at Success Academy

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By Kate Hansen-Roxas, Class of 2001 Usually when I tell people what I do, I get blank stares. “I’m the Associate Director of Network Operations at Success Academy Charter Schools!” I say. “Come again?” they say. So then I explain: Success Academy is a network of 22 public charter schools in New York City that... Read more

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Happy birthday to 'CuseConnect! Are YOU connected?

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By Kim Brown, Alumni Programs Coordinator We have a lot to cheer about these days! Our basketball team’s winning, this summer-like weather has the Quad PACKED, and…‘CuseConnect is now seven months old! What’s ‘CuseConnect? It’s the LinkedIn group that Career Services launched on August 19th, 2011 to connect SU students with SU alumni, as well... Read more

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Network with SU alumni! Check out our Spring 2012 Alumni Speaker Series

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By Kim Brown I am SO excited about this semester’s line-up for the Alumni Speaker Series. Along with the Office of Alumni Relations, Career Services invites successful SU alumni to share their career stories with you and to offer you some incredible connections in the fields you’re interested in after you leave SU. After a... Read more

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Career Services in Los Angeles: Check out who we met!

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By Kim Brown If you follow us on Twitter, you know that several of us from the @CareerSU team were out in Los Angeles last week, working to make some awesome connections with employers and Syracuse University alumni. Sue Casson (@smcasson), our Associate Director of Employer Relations and Shannon Feeney (@orange_spice), our Employer Relations Coordinator... Read more

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