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Be the WISEst you can be

By Rayna Linowes, Class of 2013

Sport management major Rayna Linowes shares how being involved on campus has helped her professional development.

I have come to recognize the need for a strong attitude if one expects to succeed in life. “It’s all a mental game,” was how my high school track and field coach would phrase it. Even as a junior at SU, these five words kept me going especially during those times when “I can’t” or “I don’t feel like doing this” thoughts screamed for surrender. The ability to overcome mental roadblocks is essential to reaching beyond one’s current limitations and discovering one’s potential.

But in today’s extremely competitive world, that is not always enough. People are always striving to set themselves apart from the crowd. Getting involved on campus was my way of doing so.

As a member and current president of the inaugural collegiate chapter of Women In Sports and Events (WISE-SU), I was able to mature my business, networking, and communications skills while increasing my professional confidence. Much of what I learned in the classroom became reality. I was able to become an active member by building relationships with my peers of all backgrounds, understanding the importance of completing tasks in a timely, positive and successful manner, while also becoming an integral part of a nationally recognized organization.

WISE Members at the Melo Center

This year WISE-SU is hosting its first symposium, “A Word to the WISE: Leveling the Playing Field” that will explore and celebrate the stories, successes and challenges of women in the sports world.  We are thrilled that this event, which has been in the planning stages for several years, is now coming to fruition. Our symposium scheduled for 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 10th at Syracuse University’s Herg Auditorium, features an impressive line-up of industry leaders:

  • Laurie Orlando, Senior Vice President of Talent and Development at ESPN
  • Michelle Berg, Executive Vice President, Team Epic
  • Jessica Gelman, Vice President, Customer Marketing & Strategy, Kraft Sports Group
  • Donna Lopiano, President, Founder, Sport Management Resources
  • Julie Nemeroff, SU alumna, NBA Hospitality Coordinator and Global Marketing Partnerships
  • Sage Steele, Sports Center co-host, ESPN
  • John Walsh, Executive Vice President, Executive Editor, ESPN

The best part about this symposium – it was organized, designed, and hosted by the members of WISE-SU. A collection of majors from all corners of the university pooled their talents to create one of the most prominent symposiums ever hosted by a student group. Using this hands-on experience is more than a resume builder. It has helped construct the foundation of my professional career.

One of the topics of the symposium is to examine the obstacles that students face when entering the corporate world and what skills and lessons are necessary to overcome them. The members of WISE-SU are walking examples of how to effectively transition from college to career. By getting involved on campus, discovering new talents, and cultivating our passion for sports we were able to come together as an organization, host an event of such capacity, and better prepare ourselves for life after graduation.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
— Eleanor Roosevelt

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