Assembling Your Portfolio

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Building a portfolio

By Emilee Smith G’16 Portfolios come in all shapes and sizes. Some are digital and display designs and videos while others are presented on paper, featuring art projects or written music compositions. Looking past the differing displays and varying content, there are several pieces that every portfolio should contain. Whether you are an art major... Read more

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Craft Your Resume with These 5 Tips

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A typwriter and a piece of paper that reads resume

By Emilee Smith G’16 We all have experience stressing over resumes. We know how important the resume can be when making good first impressions and securing job interviews. But how exactly do you go about creating the most effective resume? Well, I’ll tell you… 1. What is perfect? Before crafting your resume, first recognize that there is... Read more

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Looking Ahead: Majors, Workshops, & Fairs

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By Magnolia Salas Spring break is around the corner and we are sure you are looking forward to a week-long rest. But as you get ready to pause, don’t pause in your job or internship search. Take the time next week to build new relationships, discuss your career aspirations with friends and family and reflect... Read more

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You've studied abroad…now use it to stand out!

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By Christina Faulkner, Career Services’ Employer Relations Program Coordinator So you’re back in the States after a semester abroad; you’ve explored a new place, culture, and maybe a new language too. Your semester abroad can be a great leverage point on your resume and in an interview to help set you apart from other candidates!... Read more

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Prepare for the Fair! (Career Fair, that is…)

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By Shannon Andre, Employer Relations Coordinator With the Spring Career Fair less than a week away, there’s only a little time left to get ready to impress the employers visiting campus!  Here are some quick tips to help you along the way: 1)      Have an up-to-date resume. Remember that your resume is a marketing tool. ... Read more

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The CV vs. the Resume: Which should you use?

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By Rosanne Ecker, Associate Director At least once a week, I get asked the question, “What’s the difference between a resume and a CV?” It’s a great question!  Keep in mind that my answer is specific to the United States, because it’s different in other countries. Here are three key differences between a CV and... Read more

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How to update your resume after a summer internship

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By Tracy Tillapaugh Career Counselor Did you just finish a summer internship, job, study abroad or other career-relevant experience? Well then, it’s time to update your resume! Before you groan, remember that your resume is a living document. Constantly updating it allows you to show your most current experiences and skill sets.  This is a... Read more

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