LinkedIn as a Recruitment Tool

RachelMervisBy Rachel Mervis, ’11

LinkedIn is essentially a resume open for everyone to see. There are different points of view on which aspects are the most important to utilize. Essentially it depends on your strengths as well as your objectives. I got my current job at iAcquire, an SEO agency via my LinkedIn profile. I asked the recruiter what information leads him to select his recruits.

  1. He chooses second connections so that he can ask 3 or 4 people about the candidate and get the truth about their work ethic and personality.
  2. He doesn’t place too much emphasis on endorsements as he does not know the people who have given them or whether they were solicited.
  3. He looks for the skills acquired through past internships and jobs.

I have often wondered whether it is prudent to show your sense of humor somewhere on your LinkedIn profile. I asked this to our recruiter who stated, “it sort of depends on the position you are looking for and the way you go about it. It is vital that any humor be classy and appropriate.”

The takeaways from this are to connect on LinkedIn with every classmate, colleague and acquaintance that you meet along the way. Obviously, it is unfair to say to make a good impression with everyone you meet. However, it is important not to burn any bridges, as well as to make every effort to put your best foot forward. The sooner you adopt these principles, the easier it will be to establish a network and a career.

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Introducing Shannon Feeney…

by Shannon Feeney
Employer Relations Coordinator

Hello blogosphere!  I am Shannon Feeney, the new Employer Relations Coordinator here at Career Services.  A 2009 alumna with a passion for everything Orange, I am definitely happy to be back on campus helping students connect with employers of their dreams.  My role in Career Services is to expand the employer base that recruits and hires students from Syracuse University.  I have done lots of research on different types of companies and made efforts to reach out and tell them exactly how awesome you are!

Some things to look forward to this year: we’re welcoming a bunch of new employers to the Fall Career Fair on October 5  – Aeropostale, Amphenol Aerospace, Burlington Coat Factory, eClinical Works, and Turning Stone, just to name a few. We’ll also be hosting all types of information panels. Keep an eye out for the Service Panel on October 3 with representatives from Teach for America, City Year, Student Conservation Association, and Peace Corps!  We’ll continue to connect employers like Macy’s, JPMorgan Chase, GE, and Deloitte to student groups for presentations too.

In my newly created role, I’ll be focusing on bringing opportunities to you from a variety of employers. As I do this, what’s most important is that I hear from you! As I continue to do research about employers and industries, I would love your feedback.  Here are some ways you can help:

1) Share companies that you would like to see on campus

2) Let us know about great companies you’ve interned for

3) Offer ideas for better ways to connect employers with you or your student organization

4) Have a connection to a company that might be interested in recruiting SU students? Pass along my information!

Feel free to contact me with your feedback and ideas! I can be reached by e-mail, telephone (315-443-9092), Twitter, and LinkedIn!

Go Orange!