Summer in the City…the City of Syracuse, that is!

By Alyssa Austin ’13

During mid-semester last year, I decided to browse OrangeLink in an attempt to find possible internships for the summer. I filled out each selection box as specifically as I could and not before long, a unique looking name called “Terakeet” was presented as the best possible suggestion given my previous answers. A Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) Company located right in downtown Syracuse was looking for interns, and I wasted no time in sending an email to the person named, as well as a copy of my resume.  Short of two weeks, I received my first email response and after a few more email conversations and one in-person interview, I was awarded an intern position. Now I encourage every SU student to use OrangeLink to find internships and possible jobs for the future.

I’m not much of a “city-person,” so I was happy to find that downtown Syracuse is the perfect balance of bustling city life while maintaining intimate settings for hanging out with friends or grabbing lunch – something I did on a regular basis with other interns. Within our hour break, we got to see a lot of downtown Syracuse, relishing in our memories of being there during freshmen orientation. On more than one occasion I, as well as other interns, ran into Terakeet employees on the weekends, illustrating the intimacy one can achieve in the city. It was not only comforting to recognize other individuals, but an enjoyable experience.

Not only did my internship teach me the art of doing specialized research through social media, forms of professional writing and dynamic investigative reporting, but they also made the summer worthwhile and most importantly, taught me how to be successful after college in whatever I choose to pursue. Sometimes arriving early allowed me to talk with other employees about their experiences, for example, how they decided to enter the workforce over graduate school or how they simultaneously decided to do them both. I gained not only skills I will utilize in the workforce, but valuable advice on life after undergraduate studies and I have my internship to thank.

There are so many avenues to pursue while in college – it can be a tad overwhelming, but thankfully, we SU students have exceptional assistance at our disposal. I could not be more grateful for OrangeLink and Career Services.

Check out Mac Cummings, CEO of Terakeet, when he speaks at the Tech Garden on Tuesday, September 25th at 6:00p.m.!

OrangeLink looks a bit different: learn about the changes!

Have you logged into OrangeLink recently? If so, you’ll notice lots of changes. Career Services’ Assistant Director Katie Conrad walks us through them in the video below.


  1. You can now easily view OrangeLink on your phone! The mobile version allows you to apply for jobs, register for events, sign up for interviews and look up employers, and really do most of what you can regularly do within the system.  The mobile version is automatically available to access via on mobile devices.
  2. Look for the Resources tab, which is brand-new and includes a document library, job choices and the new career explorer feature.
  3. Career Explorer can be found within the new resources tab, and you can use this to – as the name entails – explore careers. It’s powered by the US Dept of Labor’s O*Net, and allows you to explore careers based on industry, growth, green jobs, and additional search options.  Each career gives you a look at the projected growth of this career path, a description, info on the education and knowledge needed to pursue the career, and the skills sought.
  4. Job Choices, which is similar to the Career Services office’s career guides, is now available in digital format.  You can find all three editions under the Resources tab, as well as on the Career Services website.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!