Follow Up

Career Fair's Over: Now What?

In this short video, Associate Director of Employer Relations Sue Casson shares some quick pointers on how to follow up with recruiters now that Career Fair is over!

This two-minute video is worth watching if you’re curious about the next steps to take.

We hope you had a wonderful experience at our Spring 2013 Career Fair!

Click the link:
Sue Casson on Career Fair Follow-Up



Don’t fall off the interviewer’s radar!

By Tracy Tillapaugh (and Katie Conrad)

Write a thank you note.  Why, you ask?

  • It gives you a chance to remind the employer that you’re still interested
  • It shows your maturity and professionalism
  • You will stand out from the other applicants-many people don’t write thank you notes!

Don’t be tardy for the party…
Send the note within 24 to 48 hours of the interview via email to ensure that the employer receives it. Mailing a thank you letter is helpful but might not reach the interviewer in time.

Just say it!
Say thank you directly and restate your interest in the position.

Reaffirm the match.
Whether you send your thank you note via email or snail mail, send something specific that reaffirms why you’re a great candidate for the position.

Good luck!  It’s good to know that you’ve done all you can!