Downtown Syracuse

Why #stayinCNY?

By Shannon Feeney and Kim Brown

Photo of Syracuse's Clinton Square by Steve Sartori

Next week, Career Services will host our very first Downtown Tour, introducing a group of 20 undergraduate students to what it’s like to call Central New York (CNY) home. We still have a few spots left for this very exciting opportunity! On the fence about signing up? Don’t be! Stop by Career Services today to secure your spot for April 13th. Here’s why.

Our Downtown Tour will begin with a ride to Armory Square on the Connective Corridor bus. You’ll get to tour and visit some of Syracuse’s top employers: O’Brien & Gere, KS&R, and Eric Mower and Associates.  You’ll hear about job opportunities in Syracuse from alumni who chose to stay here after graduation and will discuss all of the exciting ways that CNY is growing.  In addition, you’ll enjoy a delicious, free lunch at Lemon Grass, one of Armory Square’s most upscale restaurants. The day will wrap up with a visit to the Tech Garden to hear about all of the affordable (and really nice!) housing options in Syracuse, as well as all of the great festivals our city is known for, from the Downtown Committee.

So why do people choose to #stayinCNY? We thought we’d pose the question on Twitter, to drum up some excitement about our Downtown Tour. While the hashtag (and title of our blog post) is short, the list of responses we got to our question was very, VERY long!

We (Shannon and Kim) are both SU grads who didn’t grow up here, but chose to make Central New York our home after graduation. We both had huge smiles on our faces as we saw the responses pour in, many of them with similar reasons to the ones that kept us here! CNY Central’s Michael Benny even turned #stayinCNY into a news story! Thanks Michael!

Here is just a sample of the tweets that came in, but there are many, many more – so be sure to click on #stayinCNY to see them all!

@erobinso4444: My family and friends are still here, I love the area, and there are lots of things to do within 1 hr of the city #stayinCNY

@nwenderlich: I chose to #stayinCNY b/c I was embraced by the community and felt I could make a positive change. Syracuse has become my home.

@amandaseef: I left for 2 yrs and came back to #stayinCNY. Best decision of my life. Good mix of rural and city, tight communities. Love it!

@erintochelli: I chose to #stayinCNY b/c of all the places and things here! Armory, SU, Greek Fest, Beak & Skiff, Jazz Fest, Zoo, NYS Fair, Beaver Lake etc

@bsio: I choose to #stayinCNY because I can have a direct impact on making the region great

@jamierwhite: I chose to #stayinCNY bc we can customize/share our experiences, and unlimited potential of the area

@danklamm: I chose to #stayinCNY for the career opportunities, sense of community, and low cost of living. By deciding to #stayinCNY, I was able to pay off undergrad loans quickly and get out of debt, giving me more mobility later.

@michaelbenny: After 12 yrs it is home! I think it decided 4 me. Great job, great life.#stayinCNY I recall thinking I’d be here 2 years!!

@kristysmorol: I #stayinCNY because you can find almost anything here. you may have to search for it, but it’s always there

@syrarts: Where else could we find the huge range of affordable arts & cultural activities that we’ve got here? #stayinCNY

@gregmunno: Why I #stayinCNY: Diversity, access, people. Everson to Green Lakes, SU to Skaneateles, Armory to Ithaca. It’s all here for the taking.

@lpavlus8: I choose to #stayinCNY bc of the beautiful fall foliage, the affordability & the opps to make noticeable changes in the community.

Students: we hope you’ll consider joining our Downtown Tour on April 13th after reading through those and all of the other great responses. Remember, space is limited for the event, so be sure to stop by Career Services ASAP to sign up!