Post-grad Plans…and #HireOrange Opportunities!

By Kim Brown, Assistant Director, Alumni Programs

Share your news!
Share your news!

Congratulations, Class of 2015! Be proud of all that you have accomplished and excited for what’s ahead!

We’d love to share in your celebrations. What are your post-graduation plans? Are you traveling? Spending time with family? Starting a new job? Heading to grad school? Share your news with us on Twitter or Instagram using #SUGrad15.

And if you’re looking for a great job or internship opportunity, we think you’ll be thrilled to read the announcement below. Make sure to keep an eye on #HireOrange on Twitter and on the Jobs tab (click “Jobs” then “Job Discussions”) in the ‘CuseConnect group on LinkedIn!


Email or tweet us!
Email or tweet us!

Is your company hiring? Want to add a little more ORANGE to your office?

Please email a link to the job or internship description (or multiple descriptions!) to our newly created email address that is JUST for job opportunities in the Orange family. It’s hireorange@syr.edu.

That’s hireorange at syr dot edu. Exciting, huh?! 🙂

If you are willing to have our newest grads and/or fellow alumni contact you about the openings, please give us the OK in your email.

The #OrangeNetwork is incredibly strong, and we want to help you #HireOrange!

We will tweet the link using #HireOrange and will share the opportunities in our LinkedIn group, ‘CuseConnect. THANK YOU AND GO ORANGE!

Location, location, location!

By Shannon Feeney, Employer Relations Coordinator

Not just a realty slogan, but one for your job search too!

Courtesy: ycda.com

Students have varying degrees of preference when it comes to where you plan to live and work after graduation.  Whether it’s going back home, getting as far away from home as possible, or moving where you think the most opportunities are, there are some key things to keep in mind when figuring out where to go next.

1) Cost of living – Your cost of living includes everything from groceries to housing and obviously varies from city to city.  According to the Wall Street Journal, Manhattan and Brooklyn take the top two spots as most expensive places to live.  This plays into salary offers as well.  Living in Syracuse on $40,000 is definitely different than $40,000 in New York City.  Sterling’s Best Places offers a cost of living calculator to compare cities and salaries.

2) Consider all options – There are opportunities in almost every field, everywhere!  In some cases, there may be more opportunities in specific industries.  If you are set on being in television, working at a studio, you’re most likely to find jobs readily available in Los Angeles.   Keeping an open-mind will work to your benefit!  Doing a quick Indeed.com search for ‘entry level marketing’ revealed more than 1,400 opportunities ranging in cities from Metairie, Louisiana to Draper, Utah.  Thought you couldn’t work in the fashion industry because you live in Massachusetts and not New York City?  Think again!

3) Research – Just like you would research a company when you’re applying for a job, research cities too!  If you’d die without access to skiing, make sure the place where you decide to hunker down is close to a mountain.  A great tool like ’CuseConnect can help you connect with alumni in that area or ask questions before you make the commitment to move.  Also check out the city’s Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Bureau, and local newspaper to learn more about what’s happening in the area.

And don’t rule out Syracuse!  Interested in learning more about living and working in Syracuse?  Join us for the Downtown Tour on Friday, April 13!  We’ll tour and meet with staff from O’Brien & Gere, Eric Mower & Associates, and KS&R, enjoy a delicious lunch at Lemon Grass, and talk with staff from the Downtown Committee to learn more about living in ’Cuse!  Interested students can email me (scfeeney@syr.edu) for more information on how to register.

Happy birthday to 'CuseConnect! Are YOU connected?

By Kim Brown, Alumni Programs Coordinator

We have a lot to cheer about these days! Our basketball team’s winning, this summer-like weather has the Quad PACKED, and…‘CuseConnect is now seven months old!

What’s ‘CuseConnect? It’s the LinkedIn group that Career Services launched on August 19th, 2011 to connect SU students with SU alumni, as well as alumni with fellow alumni, for career advice and job/internship opportunities. In the past seven months, we’ve grown to nearly 2,700 student and alumni members! Are YOU one of them?

Students do need to attend an orientation here in Career Services before your request to join will be accepted. You can sign up for an orientation in OrangeLink (accessed through MySlice). If the times don’t work for you, just give our office a call at 315-443-3616 to set up an orientation with me (Kim Brown) at a time that’s convenient for you.

Alumni are accepted to the group as soon as we see your requests to join. Joining the group says that you’re willing to be contacted (via LinkedIn messages) by students and fellow alumni as they explore different careers, opportunities at your companies, advice on what it’s like to live and work in certain cities, and more. It’s a phenomenal way to “give back.” I can’t tell you how many students have e-mailed me to say what great connections they’ve made or have stopped by my office with bright eyes to share the story of a great informational interview they had with an SU grad they found in ‘CuseConnect. THANK YOU to our alumni who’ve already come on board!

Courtesy: LinkedIn

The top industries represented in ‘CuseConnect (but our group certainly isn’t limited to these!) are:

  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Information Technology and Services
  • Public Relations and Communications
  • Financial Services
  • Higher Education
  • Law Practice

What you’ll find inside the group is a vibrant discussion board filled with all kinds of career-related topics. Under the “Jobs” tab, click on “Job Discussions” to find (and post!) job and internship opportunities for our ORANGE family.

If you’re on Twitter, we’re also using #HireOrange when we post jobs/internships from SU alumni specifically for SU students and fellow alumni. Be sure to check it out!

Do you have a SUccess story to share as a member of ‘CuseConnect? Have suggestions on how we can make the group more useful? Please let us know by leaving a comment below!

Sales: So Much More Than Cold-Calling

By Shannon Feeney

Cold-calling is so last century! (flickr / zigazou76)

There seems to be a stigma around the word “sales” when it comes to job seekers.  The images that come to mind are of cold-calling for new clients, salaries based solely on commission, and forcing people to buy something they don’t want.  I am hoping this blog post will help debunk some myths and shed some light on why you shouldn’t shut the door on a career in sales.

1)      Let’s consider sales for what it really is – account management, relationship building, and business development.  If you have a knack for working with people, love the idea of not being at a desk 24/7 and might want to own your own business, then maybe sales is for you.  Take a look at the job descriptions for sales positions in OrangeLink see if they are a fit for you!

2)      Not ALL sales positions are commission-based!  This is why it is so important to do your research into company-specific sales postings.  Many employers will offer their staff starting salaries with the potential to earn more.  Even starting salaries for entry-level sales positions are higher than perceived – according to Indeed.com’s salary calculator, the average salary for an entry-level sales representative in New York City is $59,000.

3)      The job outlook is good!  A recent article from US News listed sales manager and representative as one of the “hot jobs” that will be hiring this year. (We can’t disagree either – look at the positions employers are hiring for at the upcoming Spring Career Expo!)   This isn’t a new trend either; CNBC reported that sales was one of ‘The 10 Jobs Most in Demand in 2011.’

So before you completely shut out an opportunity in sales, I encourage you to do some more research.  Talk to the employers at the Career Fair hiring for sales positions, connect with alumni on ‘CuseConnect (through LinkedIn) who have started their careers in sales, and attend Career Services events such as ‘Sales Forecast: Successful’ on February 23 (6 p.m., Hall of Languages Room 114) to hear what working in sales is REALLY all about from the people who know best.

Introducing 'CuseConnect! A new way to connect SU alumni and students

Logo by @RussoNoon (Thanks Jennifer!)

By Kim Brown
Alumni Programs Coordinator

I’m really excited to use my first blog post to announce ‘CuseConnect – our new LinkedIn group that’s meant to connect SU students and alumni. ‘CuseConnect members are alumni who WANT to offer students career advice and help you through the job and internship search process.

Want to join? Just click here!

‘CuseConnect replaces a program called Mentor@SU, which many of you (especially if you’ve already graduated from SU) likely used.  We’ve spent a lot of time looking into different ways to make these great Orange connections happen, and truly feel that having a LinkedIn group is the best way for us to stay relevant.

Though the main purpose of ‘CuseConnect will still focus on career information and advice, it will also allow alumni to share job and internship leads.  Alumni can use the Jobs tab within the group to post Orange Leads – opportunities that you learn about and would like our students/your fellow alumni to know about as well! Who doesn’t love companies with a lot of Orange?

Alumni will be admitted to the group as soon I see your request to join. There’s also a subgroup of ‘CuseConnect that’s just for you. You can find that by going to the “More” tab and scrolling down to “Subgroups.”

Students – both undergrads and grads – must complete a ‘CuseConnect Orientation before being accepted into the group. You can easily sign up for one through OrangeLink, which you can access via MySlice.

Students, once you’re in the group, don’t hesitate to start discussions that you may want all of the alumni members to see. You’ll notice there are many discussions already taking place! Make sure to take a look at the Jobs tab as well for those Orange Leads.

Alumni, please take a moment to look through the discussions and see if you might be able to offer your advice to the students who are posting. Start your own discussion if you have something to share with everyone!

For both students and alumni, the “Members” tab is an important one. After clicking on Members, click on “Advanced Search” – and that toolbar on the left side of the page will allow you to narrow your search results to alumni who may be the best connections for you.

Remember – when you’re making a connection request on LinkedIn, ALWAYS PERSONALIZE THE REQUEST! Tell the person why you’d like to connect with him or her. Don’t write a book (in fact, LinkedIn won’t let you), but DO tell a bit about yourself and how you think he or she could help in your career.

Have suggestions on how we might improve ‘CuseConnect? Please don’t hesitate to share them with me!