Brian Brister

From Heroine to Human: my experience meeting Lindsay Adler

By Brian Brister, Graduate Student, Photography (Commercial Fashion)

As a child, every person dreams of meeting their hero, or in this case, heroine. This past Tuesday, I had the opportunity to make my dream come true thanks to Career ServicesAlumni Speaker Series.

Although Lindsay Adler hasn’t held that place in my mind since childhood, I have followed her work very closely for the past two to three years. A friend sent me a link to her blog with a note that said “Check this photographer out. This is going to be you one day.” Immediately, I was hooked. She’s incredibly creative and brings intense emotion to every image she creates.  She’s also very personable in her blog posts.

When I began looking into schools to attend to procure my Master’s degree, I immediately added Newhouse to my list because I knew that Lindsay had graduated from there and I wanted the opportunity to learn from the same professors who taught her. I obviously had other schools on my list, but Newhouse was at the top. Lindsay and I have spoken several times via Twitter (@brianbrister @lindsayadler) but had never met in person.

Tuesday evening, I had the opportunity to have dinner with her and to attend her lecture where she spoke about her journey thus far in the fashion photography world. I made a list of nearly 70 questions that I wanted to ask her, but immediately realized that would have turned into somewhat of an interrogation, so I decided to just ask 8-10 questions during the course of the evening. At dinner, we discussed the places she had been, the things she worked on, what she enjoyed photographing most, how she made the decision that she was financially and mentally ready to move to New York City and what she had done as a student to better prepare herself for life after graduation.

Brian Brister with Lindsay Adler

Lindsay’s lecture in Watson Theater was one of the best lectures I have been to. She offered us so much important information and was completely relatable the entire evening. After her lecture, there was a time for questions. Lindsay was willing to answer any question presented by the students and community. There was a wonderful crowd present for the event, and many were live-tweeting using the hashtag #AdlerSU. At the end of the evening, I was able to take a photo with Lindsay (above) and also meet her parents who drove from their home near Binghamton to hear her speak.

Prior to the event, Lindsay was a photographer who I held in highest regard in the fashion industry, but simply a name who I admired. After spending time with her and experiencing her boisterous personality and seeing her determination and love for photography in every movement she makes, my heroine has become human.

Interested in meeting and networking with Syracuse University alumni through Career Services’ Alumni Speaker Series? The Series continues on February 21st!

Lan Luan G ’04
Tuesday, February 21st
Reception 7:00 p.m., Event 7:30 p.m. Life Sciences 011 (Auditorium)

Lan is Senior Product Manager focusing on International Marketing for Microsoft’s Bing. We’re welcoming her back to campus during National Engineers Week, which is very exciting. Lan was born and raised in China and received her Master’s Degree from the L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science. She will share advice on working for one of the world’s most recognizable companies, and will offer a unique perspective for our international students interesting in following her career path.

Theo Moll ’90
Tuesday, March 27th
7:30 p.m. Hall of Languages Room 500

Theo is Vice President of Keppler Speakers’ College and University Diversion. Keppler’s exclusive roster of national and international celebrities and experts represents many of the most in-demand speakers on the lecture circuit today. Theo should really appeal to members of University Union and all students interested in representing professional and celebrity speakers.

Brian Tarrant ’96
Wednesday, April 4th
Time/Location TBA

Brian is a Vice President at MC2 Events, Exhibits and Environments. He started his career in sales. It was his company, MC2, that designed the Melo Center’s Hall of Fame that greets visitors. We are hoping to hold his event in the Melo Center, to give students a rare opportunity to see it. You can read more about Brian in this feature article from SU Magazine.