4 ways to make the most of employer information sessions

by Tracy Tillapaugh
Career Counselor

Did you know that 20+ companies will be on campus providing you with information over the next few weeks? You can view the full list on OrangeLink (accessible through MySlice). These information sessions are a great way for you to learn more about a company prior to applying for internships or jobs. Want to make the most of your time with the company? Follow some of these suggestions:

Ask questions.
Utilize your time with the employer representative to ask any questions you have about the company or interview process. Get familiar with all of the facets that interest you about the company: goals, mission, what it’s truly like to work there or within a particular department. Ask the speaker how she got her start with the company. What knowledge did the presenter wish he had prior to joining the company? All of this information will showcase your interest to the company representative, which is a great way for the rep to remember you in the future.

Don’t go if you’re tired.
Sitting in a seat looking bored out of your mind, or falling asleep, is something a speaker notices. If you’re going to attend an employer information session, make sure that you’re paying attention to the information provided, asking questions and interacting with the speaker. Take notes on points the speaker makes so you know how an interview or career fair opportunity can best be approached.

Get a business card!
Make sure to snag one of the speaker’s business cards. Connect with the speaker on LinkedIn or send the person an email to follow up on the session. Following up will put you front of mind to the company rep, which is a great place to be when you’re interested in career opportunities.

Thank the presenter for his/her time.
After the session has ended make sure to say “thank you” to the presenter. The presenter has given up her time to meet with you and other students to assist you in the process of finding a job or internship in the future. Showing appreciation is always a good idea!

Getting insider knowledge at these sessions will help you succeed, so make sure to pay attention and soak up as much information as possible.  To find out about all of the information sessions taking place this fall at SU, log-on to your OrangeLink account now through MySlice!