A typwriter and a piece of paper that reads resume

By Emilee Smith G’16

We all have experience stressing over resumes. We know how important the resume can be when making good first impressions and securing job interviews. But how exactly do you go about creating the most effective resume?

Well, I’ll tell you…

1. What is perfect? Before crafting your resume, first recognize that there is no such thing as “perfect.” Everyone is unique and no one’s resume will look exactly the same. It’s important to recognize this so that you can go about making what is the best resume for you.
2. Keep it short. While we all have a lot to offer, hiring managers are looking for brevity when they are wading through hundreds of applications. Pick your most impressive experiences and accomplishments and limit them to one page. After all, they can always ask you for more information during your interview.
3. Keep it clean. Don’t crowd your resume with small, overflowing text. Aim for a clean, modern, design with ample white space. The more attractive it is, the more likely someone is to pay attention to it. If you have design experience, consider using Adobe InDesign to create your resume, taking advantage of the program’s capacity to create custom margins and layouts.
4. Establish hierarchy. Design your resume in a way that forces viewers to see the most important aspects first. When applying for professional jobs, it is already implied that you have a college degree. Therefore, you don’t need to place education at the top. Instead, consider listing relevant experience first.
5. Edit frequently. This is a living document, which means you should be revisiting it constantly. Tailoring the document to every application will demonstrate to employers how serious you are about the position.
6. Ask for advice. Improve your resume by seeking out professors, mentors, and career counselors. While you may not always agree with the advice they give you, hearing different opinions will give you insight as to how other people view your resume.

By following these tips you will not only improve your resume, but also further your career. Don’t be afraid of writing and editing your resume. Embrace the challenge and use it to your advantage!