MythBusters: Career Services Edition

By Danchen Zhou ’14, Career Services Intern

I recently saw a comment from a first-year student saying he was too nervous to go to the Career Services office. I’ve also heard a lot of students wondering what the office has to offer and how students and alumni can get help from the office. My internship at Career Services has allowed me to see how the office works, and here are just a few things I learned:

First of all, Career Services is always there for you. Whether you are nervous about an interview next week, you have trouble with your job search, or you are an experienced alumni considering whether to pursue an advanced degree, you are always welcome to come to us for the services we offer. You can always visit suite 235 in the Schine Student Center, call (315) 443-3616, or leave us a comment on our Facebook page or Tweet us!

It is not just an office, but a hub for you. Our staff are passionate and professional and are here to offer students advice and instructions related to their careers. The passion can be seen through all the hand-written notes left by our students on each staff members’ shelves. The professionalism is evident because we have knowledgeable career consultants and dedicated communicators to connect students, alumni and employers. To familiarize yourself with our office before you stop by, get to know the staff.

You cannot directly find a job here, but they have the tools to help you get there. “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” From self-positioning, to application material review, to interview techniques, at Career Services you will always get the help and mentorship that can have a lifelong benefit to your career. However, do not expect a job offer out of the office – you need to do the work too!  Be patient and build the door first.

Want to volunteer with Career Services? We are looking for students of all years to apply for our Student Ambassador Program to assist the office in different aspects. For more information, read our last blog post or go to OrangeLink and search for job number 61131.