It's Madness!

By Shannon Feeney Andre, Assistant Director

NCAA basketball teams aren’t the only ones immersed in March Madness – Career Services is too!  Every March and early April, employers will visit our campus to conduct interviews and in some cases make offers to students for internship and full-time Tournament Bracketopportunities.  The on-campus recruiting process can sometimes be overwhelming and unfamiliar to students, so here we use some bracketology to help explain…

Regular Season – Employers are assessing students’ skills, aptitude, and potential during events like career fairs, information sessions, meet and greets, and workshops.  Employers may start to identify potential top seeds for their roles.  These interactions will factor into the decisions employers make later on after resumes are submitted.

Breaking the Bubble – Employers will assess resumes and the applicant pool to make selections on the candidates they would like to interview.  Depending on the number of slots they can fill, not all applicants will make it to the on-campus interviews.

The First RoundThose selected from the applicant pool will interview on-campus during the first preliminary round.

Being Sweet & EliteOften times, employers will conduct more than one interview, especially with a stellar candidate pool.  The candidates that make it past the second round could likely face new interviewers, some they may have never met before during the regular recruiting season.

Final FourAs employers narrow down their top selections, there will only be a few candidates left to consider.  The next phase could also include an interview with one of the leaders in the company or organization, such as a vice president, hiring manager, or department head.

ChampionshipThere can only be one winner in the NCAA basketball tournament, but there can always be multiple hires!  If you receive the offer, congratulations on a great job-hunting season!

This process does not have to be madness; in fact, Career Services can make it much easier!  If you are looking for a job or internship and need some help, stop by our office during drop-ins or schedule an hour-long appointment with one of our career counselors by calling 315.443.3616 or signing up via OrangeLink.