Tips for Choosing a Major from SU Students

Compiled by Tracy Tillapaugh and Shannon Andre, ’09

Major Mixer Panel & Discussion
– Students in 235 Schine during the Major Mixer & Panel

During our Major Mixer event on Wednesday, October 23, we heard many great tips about how students chose their major here at Syracuse University.

Here are six tips that may help you as you determine your academic major:

  1. Take some courses and see if you can picture yourself in the field. You really never know if you’ll like a particular field until you try it!
  2. Sometimes experience can help you decide what you DON’T want to do. One student interned at a company and realized that the field wasn’t for him.
  3. Major doesn’t always equal your career. For example, you can major in psychology but work in marketing or human resources. There are multiple paths for every career.
  4. Get involved on campus in clubs, academic programs (such as McNair Scholars), organizations or with an on-campus job. You don’t have to wait to have an internship to get experience.
  5. A word of caution: don’t just live your major 24/7, make sure to try out other things that interest you that aren’t 100% relevant to your major.
  6. Sometimes you know what you want to do from a young age, it’s okay to be happy and assertive in that decision.

For help with deciding on a major, check out the career research resources on our website!