Internship Advice from a Fellow Student

By Erica Clapp, Career Services Student Assistant

One of the most valuable quotes I learned from my internship this past summer is to “find a company that fits” before worrying about the specific job. It’s true that a lot of people don’t even end up being employed in their major, so this advice will serve you well in “the real world”…and also when searching for internships.

As you head home for Winter Break, it’s the perfect time to start thinking seriously about your summer internship.  You’ll find that companies offer a variety of roles, so it can’t hurt to take a peek even if you think a company is not for you. Here are some tips on how to go about doing this:

  • Make a list of your interests and look for companies that fall in line with these. Working for someplace that genuinely interests you makes any internship more fun!
  • Check the “Careers” section of company websites. Most companies will have internship opportunities posted there.
  • Ask! If internships aren’t posted on a website, it never hurts to send an e-mail to inquire about potential opportunities. Don’t be upset if you never hear back. You tried.
  • Apply to as many positions as you can. Your chances of receiving a call back/interview will increase.
  • Think outside the box. This means applying to some positions that may not directly correlate with your major. However, this can give you valuable insight into other fields.
  • Be open to relocation. This can give you an edge, as companies often want to diversify their workplace by hiring interns from far away. Plus, you’ll get to see a new city!
  • Use your personal connections. Sometimes, the best way to get an internship is by knowing someone. This gives you a definite edge in the hiring process.
  • Use your resources. SU Career Services offers great resources, like OrangeLink and ‘CuseConnect.
  • Keep your eye out. Besides the obvious resources, internships can be posted in obscure places… Read bulletin boards and random flyers!

A Note From Career Services:
Be sure to look for the #HireOrange opportunities that we often post on Twitter. Also, we’ll be doing our Internship Workshops again next semester; check our website for times and locations!