Scary career-related stories…just in time for Halloween!

Compiled by Tracy Tillapaugh

In honor of all things scary and spooky, we collected some stories and anecdotes related to the job searching process from our colleagues. We’ve changed a few identifying characteristics and posted them below!

  • The office dog…and the pre-interview allergy attack: I work in a small, laid-back office of 8 to 12 people and an office dog. Well, last year this woman was interviewing in our office around lunchtime, and she ended up having to wait a while as a partner had not returned from a meeting. While she was waiting, we invited her to sit down and chat while we ate lunch. Well, in the midst of a lovely conversation, someone threw the office dog’s ball into the room where we were eating (she did not yet know we had an office dog) and he came charging toward her feet. Her face went bright red with fear as the dog pranced back out of the room with his ball. Thinking she was just startled, I said, “oh that’s Oscar, our office dog. Probably one of the best parts of working here… everybody loves him.” To which she replied, “I am deathly allergic to dogs.” Moments later, the partner entered and asked her to come into their office to interview…I felt so sorry for her. No matter how good your portfolio is, you don’t want to come between an office and its cute cuddly office dog!
  • Leave the “hey” (hay) to the horses, not networking e-mails! © AP

    Hey” (hay) is for horses…not networking e-mails: A student was sending a networking email, but instead of sending individual emails (which is the right thing to do), the student included ALL of the email addresses (25 of them) in the “To” line and started the email with “Hey guys.”

  • Your ringback tone? Probably not music to a recruiter’s ears: A recruiter came down with food poisoning and wasn’t able to conduct student interviews (that’s not the scary part!).  He was so sick he couldn’t even call to let them know and asked if I could relay the message.  When I called a male student, the voice mail message consisted of inappropriate music with two girls giving his voice mail message… inappropriately.

Wishing all of you a safe and happy Halloween that’s free of scary stories – career and otherwise!