Ace the Interview: #GetHired13

Recap by Tracy Tillapaugh

Last night, Rosanne Ecker, associate director in Career Services, provided many excellent tips for those seeking new job opportunities in a Senior Session called “Ace the Interview.” With off-the-wall questions such as “What kind of salad dressing would you want to be?” it’s hard to know what an interviewer is looking for sometimes. But Ecker discussed several concrete strategies for winning the job from the interview.

Associate Director Rosanne Ecker shares tips for successful interviewing.

Here are some highlights and tips to remember the next time you have an interview:


  • Read up on the firm and the company. Check out their website and google them! Learn their values and their mission. What is it like? Do you agree with it?
  • Go over your resume. If you’re going to sell yourself on the interview then you need to know what you’re selling.
  • Go over the job description. You need to analyze it like a poem and know what the company is looking for in this position. You want to show them that you’re a match; you don’t need to show them that you’re the smartest/funniest/etc. person they’ve met. For example: prove that you can be vivacious if job description asks for someone to be vivacious!
In the Interview: 
  • Develop a proactive agenda. What do you want the interviewer to know whether or not they ask? Many questions are open-ended, giving you numerous options for answering them.
  • Like a good novelist, show the interviewer through examples. Just stating that you are attentive to detail is not enough; provide an example that shows your attention to detail that you can describe.
  • Answer questions using the PAR formula. Problem. Action. Results. Frame each of your examples and answers in this way with the emphasis being on the action and results. Ecker says that an interview is a series of happy stories!
  • Ask second-level questions based on your research. The company will be impressed that you know about them and are curious to learn more. You want to show them that you’re seeing if they’re a match for you as well.

  • Send thank-you notes within 24 hours to each person that interviewed you. Show them that you’re still very interested in the opportunity.
  • Relax!

Remember: interviewing is a skill, if you practice, you will improve!

The next Senior Session, Networking Now: Why #SOCIALMEDIA is a must will be held Tuesday, October 30th in Crouse Hinds 010 at 5:00 pm. RSVP in OrangeLink to reserve your space today!