Still searching for an internship? Try these sites!

Internship Coordinator Jennifer Pluta shares her favorite internship resources that will be helpful to those of you looking for a summer internship.

1. Have you met the Queen?  Lauren Berger is the expert on everything internships; she is “The Intern Queen.”  She relates to students and engages them by sharing her entertaining personal internship experiences at 15 different companies across the U.S. (including MTV, FOX, MTV, and more).  The Intern Queen makes sure that students who use her website are not only talking about internships but also are utilizing their career services center and taking the necessary steps to land an internship and make the most of the experience.

2. is not an internship search site per se, but it is one of my favorites.  The site has downloadable guides that are really handy for searching for internships.  The Employer Guides list employers by industry or field.  Let’s say you want to know who the top biotech/pharmaceutical companies or investment banking firms are in the country, there are guides to provide that information.  Not only do they identify the companies, but they also give a brief company history and identify the top competitors.  I like to call them your “Internship Cheat Sheets.”  This resource is password protected; call or email Career Services for the information to log in.

3. If you want to know what the current internship buzz is, than go to This site provides information and resources for students, employers and educators.  You can follow via Twitter (@internships) or a downloadable app.  They are constantly pushing out internship opportunities for students to apply to.  In addition, employers will find helpful information for supporting their own internship program, as well as options to post on their website.

4. For students searching for internship opportunities, I also like is an aggregator, meaning it pulls postings from other websites which gives you a comprehensive list of internships.  There are many options to customize your search (on the left-hand side of the screen).  This is a one-stop-shop, which is efficient and effective for finding a large amount of available internships. Not only can you search for internships, but you can also set up search alerts that will email you postings!

5. Finally, Internships USA is a different kind of internship posting website.   Internships are listed by themes.  Themes include sports, business, communications, human services, social change/human rights, politics, the environment, museums and more.  Once you click on the desired theme, internship opportunities are listed by state, which is great if you are seeking internships within a certain geographical area.  You’ll find the organization’s phone number, contact name and even an email address in each listing.  This resource is also password protected; call or email Career Services for information on how to log in.

Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t yet secured an internship for Summer 2012. There are still plenty of opportunities out there! Hopefully, the tips above will help you in your search.