Location, location, location!

Location, location, location!

By Shannon Feeney, Employer Relations Coordinator

Not just a realty slogan, but one for your job search too!

Courtesy: ycda.com

Students have varying degrees of preference when it comes to where you plan to live and work after graduation.  Whether it’s going back home, getting as far away from home as possible, or moving where you think the most opportunities are, there are some key things to keep in mind when figuring out where to go next.

1) Cost of living – Your cost of living includes everything from groceries to housing and obviously varies from city to city.  According to the Wall Street Journal, Manhattan and Brooklyn take the top two spots as most expensive places to live.  This plays into salary offers as well.  Living in Syracuse on $40,000 is definitely different than $40,000 in New York City.  Sterling’s Best Places offers a cost of living calculator to compare cities and salaries.

2) Consider all options – There are opportunities in almost every field, everywhere!  In some cases, there may be more opportunities in specific industries.  If you are set on being in television, working at a studio, you’re most likely to find jobs readily available in Los Angeles.   Keeping an open-mind will work to your benefit!  Doing a quick Indeed.com search for ‘entry level marketing’ revealed more than 1,400 opportunities ranging in cities from Metairie, Louisiana to Draper, Utah.  Thought you couldn’t work in the fashion industry because you live in Massachusetts and not New York City?  Think again!

3) Research – Just like you would research a company when you’re applying for a job, research cities too!  If you’d die without access to skiing, make sure the place where you decide to hunker down is close to a mountain.  A great tool like ’CuseConnect can help you connect with alumni in that area or ask questions before you make the commitment to move.  Also check out the city’s Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Bureau, and local newspaper to learn more about what’s happening in the area.

And don’t rule out Syracuse!  Interested in learning more about living and working in Syracuse?  Join us for the Downtown Tour on Friday, April 13!  We’ll tour and meet with staff from O’Brien & Gere, Eric Mower & Associates, and KS&R, enjoy a delicious lunch at Lemon Grass, and talk with staff from the Downtown Committee to learn more about living in ’Cuse!  Interested students can email me (scfeeney@syr.edu) for more information on how to register.