Spring Break Tips

Stop and smell the flowers AFTER following up on this advice!

By Jeff D’Andria, Graduate Assistant

At Career Services, we understand the importance of resting up during spring break, but here are a few small things you can do to make a gigantic impact on your future. After all, your future doesn’t take breaks.

Your spring break to do’s:

  1. Add one new person to your network. The best tool for researching and contacting persons of interest is LinkedIn. Check out two groups on LinkedIn: ‘Cuse Connect and the Syracuse University Alumni Network. Once you’re accepted to these groups, click on the “members” tab and identify people you’d like to contact for an informational interview. Outside of those two groups, you can utilize the “advanced” search function to find people that went to S.U. and  currently work at the companies you’re interested in. Reach out!
  2. Reconnect with one person in your network. After you make contacts, it’s important to keep in touch. Send an email to catch up by asking what they’ve been up to and be sure to inform them of your latest updates. There’s a big difference between being in touch three times a year vs. once a year. You don’t want to be “that person” asking for a favor after being completely out of touch. Check in!
  3. Apply to one position. If you’re graduating this May and looking for a job or simply need a summer internship, the time to apply is now. For the job search, check out indeed.com and many other job search engines on our website. For you internship seekers, NYJobsource lists companies and organizations to intern with in New York City. Here are a number of other internship sources on our website. And no matter what, remember to customize your resume and cover letter to the positions you’re applying for each time you apply.

After completing these to do’s you’ll have made one new contact, reconnected with another and applied to one dream opportunity. Get these things done and you’ll be way ahead of your competition that snoozed during the break.

We’ll be in the office over Spring Break so stop in if we can help! Drop Ins are Monday – Friday from 1-2:30pm and appointments are still available.