Job Search Secrets: A Senior Session Recap

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By Lauren Wannermeyer, Intern at Syracuse University Career Services

Last week, Career Services’ Associate Director Chuck Reutlinger shared his best job searching secrets.  He brings a unique perspective to the job search as a former recruiter and outplacement consultant who has worked in the Career Services office for several years. Here’s a re-cap of what we learned!

Just in Time
Reutlinger started by clarifying that most companies take a “just in time” approach to their hiring strategies. They don’t often plan in advance. Companies like to hire people they know or people they have met previously thanks to referrals. Interning allows you to meet people and build a relationship that can get you connected to companies you could potentially work for or professionals who could potentially refer you to their contacts. Not only should you be completing internships, but you should consider networking an important step to meeting people. Many companies give their employees monetary incentives for referring or recruiting new talent. Even completing a post-graduation internship can be a great foot in the door to a great company for your first real-world job.

Work Locally
Another important note about the “just in time” approach to hiring is that companies often look for local candidates. If you’re looking for a career in a specific city, you should keep in touch with friends and family in the area. They might be the first to hear about opportunities and can also help you adjust to life in a new place. 70-80% of positions are not advertised and, even then, many of them are not widely advertised. So if you know what job you’re looking for, put out feelers early. You never know when a posting might go out or a friend or relative might hear of something.

Job Advertisements
You also should be wary of job advertisements. Many times, postings are not entirely up to date; even if they are, the job might not actually be available. In order to aid their “just in time” hiring approach, companies like to have a supply of resumes on hand for potential future openings. So even if you send in your resume to an advertised position, there are still no guarantees that it will even be considered. Frustrating, right? Be sure to make sure your resume is scannable and contains the key words that companies might be looking for (hint: these works can be found in the job description!).

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There are just a few short months before graduation so make sure to stop in for a drop in or make an appointment to talk about your individual job search (or graduate school application). We’re happy to help as you transition into the real world.