The Dulye Leadership Experience: A Weekend That WILL Change Your Life

Katie Walpole, a Syracuse University Senior studying European history, policy studies, and political science, shares her memories of the Dulye Leadership Experience and tells you why to apply.

Last year, a friend recommended that I apply to an amazing experience that in turn changed my life. What was this experience that changed my life for the better? The Dulye Leadership Experience (DLE)!  My friend had participated in the 2010 DLEand she said that no matter your passion, no matter your major, and no matter what you want to do following graduation, the DLE was for everyone. I jumped on it.

Going into the program, I only had a little knowledge of the weekend-long, all-expenses-paid leadership workshop from my friend. I knew none of the other participants, but during that weekend, the entire group of participants, the faculty members, and I became part of the larger DLE family – a family that is now my network and a close group of people that I can rely on as I enter the next stage of my life. Next year, I’ll be attending University College London to pursue a MSc in Public Policy.

A photo from the DLE 2009

The entire DLE weekend is focused on making you, yes, YOU, the best possible applicant to an internship, job, or graduate school. The faculty is beyond distinguished – they are incredible people who have excelled in their fields. And, they want to help you!  Our faculty includes everyone from a former VP of Lockheed Martin to fresh-out-of-the-door SU alumni, just getting their start in the workplace.  The presentations range from information on the art of small talk to personal finances.  Incredible attention is paid to resume development, LinkedIn, the one-minute “elevator speech,” and the culture of a workplace.

You learn from the best and you can apply all of what you learned right away. After the DLE, I was able to work through different situations at internships with much more ease. I knew the best possible way to present myself in interviews as well as on graduate school applications.

I encourage you to take time to review the website, talk to students who have participated, and to submit your applicationThe deadline to apply is December 31!

I’m happy to chat with anyone who is interested in learning more about DLE. You can find me on Twitter, on LinkedIn, or send me an email at

People remark that a life can’t be changed in a three day weekend. I disagree, and I think you should see for yourself. 

A special thank you to SU alumna Linda Dulye for offering this incredible experience to our students!