The best career advice I ever received was…

The best career advice I ever received was…

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Compiled by Tracy Tillapaugh

If you’re reading this post, you most likely follow @CareerSU on twitter, and maybe you even follow me, @tracytilly. If you do, then you probably saw some questions that I posted a few weeks ago. While the original idea was to turn some crowd-sourced tweets into some suggestions for the Class of 2015, I received requests to share the info with everyone else too… so without further ado…

The best career advice I ever received was…

@cmnoguer I would say get out there, get involved and don’t be afraid of failure or rejection. Think of what you want to look back to.

@colormelauren: to use @LinkedIn!

@dgreichert: Don’t pepper your resume and hope for a bite. Research each company and tailor the resume to each specifically.

@dkaps89:  For freshmen: Start networking early & never stop. It’ll pay off when you’re job/internship hunting (or even when you’re not)

@joannagiansanti: It sounds hokey now, but when the book came out, “Do what you love and the money will follow” really rang true.

@kimincuse: “wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.” Confucius was smart… definitely applies to career!

@muruganpandian: Never stay in one place too long; especially when the opportunities to grow have evaporated.

@SyrMichael:  The best career advice I ever received was <— find something rewarding rather than focus on $$

@tjbasalla: chase the dream job, but find the career that gives you the best reality

Thank you to all of our contributors! What else would you add?