5 Ways to Leverage Twitter for Career Fair Success

5 Ways to Leverage Twitter for Career Fair Success

by Rodney Fleming, SU ’13

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So you want a job? Join the crowd – or don’t. With a few Twitter techniques, you can stand out from the masses and find success at your next career fair.

Do Your Homework
Going to a Career Fair is all about networking with potential employers. Why not get ahead of the game? Career Services offers lists of companies attending the fairs well in advance. Scout out the companies that are relevant to you and follow them on Twitter. Many larger companies such as Pepsi have their own job handles (@PepsiCoJOBS) that are there specifically for you to ask career questions.

Increase credibility and accountability
Take it a step further. Tweet at the companies you plan to speak with at the fair, expressing your enthusiasm for meeting their recruiters. Include your university’s Twitter handle and any other handles that make your tweet more credible. This not only shows you’re taking meeting them seriously but also makes them more accountable in responding.

Dialogue is Key
In my experience, it’s not difficult to find a few of the company’s PR and recruitment employees. A simple Twitter search “PR for X Company” can do wonders in the People Results. Drop these individuals a line that seeks a response. It’s great to express enthusiasm (as mentioned above) but when dealing with specific people, it’s better to create dialogue. Ask them how they got started with the company or what part of the company they work in. Their response will likely lead to further connections and helpful tips for securing the position.

Think of the Career Fair as an Aid
Now that you’ve built up steady conversations with companies via Twitter, apply the knowledge you’ve acquired to propel your conversations with their recruiters at the Career Fair. If you haven’t received a response from anyone in the company yet via Twitter, the recruiters might be able to give you their contact information. Use the fair as a place to ask detailed questions that won’t fit in 140 characters.

Follow Up
After meeting with recruiters at the career fair, use their business cards to seek them out online. Now that you’ve talked with companies and found those that truly pique your interest, let them know! Tweet at them along with a bit of what you talked about and that you’re interested. As mentioned before, be sure to include the handles of their company, the university’s career center, or any others that you find to be relevant.

Keep in mind, this advice only works if you are willing to put in the effort of creating a fantastic resume (which Career Services is here for!), being honest and memorable during career fairs, and willing to spark professional conversations on Twitter. Your extra effort on Twitter may very well may be the one thing that sets you apart from countless other faces and resumes!

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