How to update your resume after a summer internship

How to update your resume after a summer internship

By Tracy Tillapaugh
Career Counselor

Did you just finish a summer internship, job, study abroad or other career-relevant experience? Well then, it’s time to update your resume! Before you groan, remember that your resume is a living document. Constantly updating it allows you to show your most current experiences and skill sets.  This is a surefire way to make sure the best information about you is being shared.

If your internship or work experience is directly related to your future career aspirations, then listing that information toward the top of the resume is key. Employers often spend just 10 to 15 seconds visually scanning each resume. Don’t let your most recent and relevant experience get lost!

Make sure to think through the bullet points and write them out strategically. Emphasizing your real world experience will certainly impress your next internship company or employer after graduation.

Be descriptive. Include the specific tasks you performed at your internship. If you worked for an event planning company, instead of writing “helped plan events,” you can write “worked with supervisor to assess catering needs and place orders with catering company for a series of networking events” or “worked closely with interior designer to ensure the appearance of the event space matched client’s expectations.”

Quantify the work that you accomplished. Continuing with the event planning example above, make sure to include the number of events you assisted in planning, as well as the number of attendees at these events.  If you had a certain budget to work with, that would be good to include as well. Not only will this showcase the scope of your work, but it will reflect your attention to detail (a great skill to possess in almost any job).

If your internship or job experience does not relate to your future career goals (i.e. you want to be a journalist but spent the summer waitressing), IT’S OKAY! Look for transferable skills. Where do your skills as a journalist intersect with your skills as a waitress? Both journalists and waiters: communicate with individuals, multi-task several duties at once, and serve external and internal customers on tight deadlines. Those are just a few things that transfer from being a waiter to being a journalist. Can you think of others? Draw attention to these transferable skills on your resume!

Good luck updating your resume with your summer internship experience. When you’re ready and want an extra set of eyes on it, bring it to Career Services during our 15 Minute Drop-In Hours to be reviewed and discussed!