Introducing 'CuseConnect! A new way to connect SU alumni and students

Logo by @RussoNoon (Thanks Jennifer!)

By Kim Brown
Alumni Programs Coordinator

I’m really excited to use my first blog post to announce ‘CuseConnect – our new LinkedIn group that’s meant to connect SU students and alumni. ‘CuseConnect members are alumni who WANT to offer students career advice and help you through the job and internship search process.

Want to join? Just click here!

‘CuseConnect replaces a program called Mentor@SU, which many of you (especially if you’ve already graduated from SU) likely used.  We’ve spent a lot of time looking into different ways to make these great Orange connections happen, and truly feel that having a LinkedIn group is the best way for us to stay relevant.

Though the main purpose of ‘CuseConnect will still focus on career information and advice, it will also allow alumni to share job and internship leads.  Alumni can use the Jobs tab within the group to post Orange Leads – opportunities that you learn about and would like our students/your fellow alumni to know about as well! Who doesn’t love companies with a lot of Orange?

Alumni will be admitted to the group as soon I see your request to join. There’s also a subgroup of ‘CuseConnect that’s just for you. You can find that by going to the “More” tab and scrolling down to “Subgroups.”

Students – both undergrads and grads – must complete a ‘CuseConnect Orientation before being accepted into the group. You can easily sign up for one through OrangeLink, which you can access via MySlice.

Students, once you’re in the group, don’t hesitate to start discussions that you may want all of the alumni members to see. You’ll notice there are many discussions already taking place! Make sure to take a look at the Jobs tab as well for those Orange Leads.

Alumni, please take a moment to look through the discussions and see if you might be able to offer your advice to the students who are posting. Start your own discussion if you have something to share with everyone!

For both students and alumni, the “Members” tab is an important one. After clicking on Members, click on “Advanced Search” – and that toolbar on the left side of the page will allow you to narrow your search results to alumni who may be the best connections for you.

Remember – when you’re making a connection request on LinkedIn, ALWAYS PERSONALIZE THE REQUEST! Tell the person why you’d like to connect with him or her. Don’t write a book (in fact, LinkedIn won’t let you), but DO tell a bit about yourself and how you think he or she could help in your career.

Have suggestions on how we might improve ‘CuseConnect? Please don’t hesitate to share them with me!